Quiet Big FOOT, YETI Mats Suction Kits

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  • APO90010
  • APO94010
  • SKR702310000
  • LNV9321
  • APO97050NT
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  • WTR503630

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Quiet Big FOOT – the best and least expensive suction disc on the market.  The patented vortex technology creates an unmatched suction capability.

So quiet you don’t even notice Big FOOT, and the floors were spotless” ~ OR Nurse

Big FOOT is the bomb” ~ OR Director

YETI Mats – At 20″ x 30″, the thick absorbent YETI material is a great disposal alternative to towels and linens.  Stop paying thousands of dollars throwing away your towels and sheets.  The YETI Mats are sure to save you money, and keep the floor dry.

We cannot believe how inexpensive they are, and they dried the floors as good as anything we have ever used” ~ OR Purchasing Manager

Big FOOT Suction Kit – A combination Big FOOT Suction Disc and YETI Matting, this kit is the only one available on the market today.  For a fraction of a cost of mats or suction devices, the Big FOOT Suction Kit has twice the capability.

It came with a 20″x30″ Mat and the Big FOOT for less than our current suction device” – Director of MM

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“Our focus on enabling process informs all of our work at Typenex. We will always seek to improve hospital processes to provide the best patient care possible while also looking for ways to help them reduce error and find more efficiency. By making processes better and more efficient, we share in the larger cause of improving healthcare for all.”



Evolve Surgical is a rapidly growing company focused on saving hospitals and ASC’s significant amounts of money. In light of the 70% margins that large device companies have been accustomed, Evolve has chosen to provide best in class product and service offerings all designed to dramatically reduce healthcare expenditures. Our solutions range from fluid waste management products to a technologically superior single lens 3D endoscope that is unmatched in the industry and medical device reprocessing.

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